I first met Ginny Christensen at an all-day governance workshop she was leading. At the end of my day, I was completely taken with her breadth and depth of knowledge on all matters pertaining to board governance and Quaker process and her engaging yet incisive ability to lead us through this complex subject matter.

So much so, that when I became clerk of our board I engaged Ginny’s services to design a year-long new trustee orientation, conduct a board leadership seminar at our annual retreat, and consult periodically on governance issues that have arisen during my tenure.

As a result of Ginny’s leadership and guidance, our board remains inspired to seek out and implement best practice standards on all levels of board governance, while keeping out front the highest principles of Quaker process. I can say with confidence that this focused effort has broadened and deepened board deliberation, improved the quality and impact of board decisions, and enhanced individual board member satisfaction at our school.

Linda Delaney, Clerk of the Board
Sandy Springs Friends School
Sandy Springs, Maryland

Thank you for a most informative and interactive workshop this past weekend.  Our team from MPFS benefitted greatly and came away with a greater awareness of the critical importance of our fundraising culture in financial sustainability. 

Harry Shreckengast, Clerk of the Board
Media-Providence Friends School
Media, Pennsylvania

Ginny, I can’t say enough about what your leadership has meant to this endeavor. When we first got started I never could have imagined that we would be this far along, with absolutely tangible results in our hands. I think this Strategic Plan is going to be a wonderful, living, breathing document that will guide our lovely little school into a successful future, and your energy and guidance is in large part what has gotten us here. Thank you.

Kathy Redding, Clerk of the Board
United Friends School
Quakertown, Pennsylvania

Thanks Ginny! I truly enjoyed the day and learned so much from your warm, practical, and matter-of-fact way of looking at financial sustainability. I’ve retained words like “mission,” “inseparable,” “bold,” and “stories.” To me, to walk out of a full-day workshop happy and clear about its content is a day well spent. Thank you!

Shu Shu Costa, Director of Admissions
Princeton Friends School
Princeton, New Jersey

I really enjoyed the workshop on Saturday.  There was lots of useful information, and I am already reading the book recommendations you made.  Sometimes I find workshops to be too broad to be helpful, or too large-school focused for us –but Saturday’s presentation fit us well, which I appreciate!  And though I can never watch them in “real time,” I love, love the webinars… great topics, almost always something concrete to take away. Thanks for all your work!

Karen Iacobucci
Director of Development
West Chester Friends School
West Chester, Pennsylvania